Men’s & Women’s Ministries


There is a broad spectrum of gender specific opportunities to get involved in at Faith Baptist! We understand that – regardless of age – it is important for men to connect with men and women to connect with women. There are certain biblical life lessons that are best discussed with other ladies, while others are best discussed with other men. Mentoring, discipleship, even prayer is often best done in gender specific relationships.

Every Sunday there is a class specifically designed for women and another specifically geared toward men. These classes serve as a great way to get to know other men and women in the church family. Not surprisingly, many of the other men’s and women’s ministries have their beginnings in these two classes, as they aim to put biblical teaching into action during the week – at home, at work or at play.

The calendar year provides regular gender specific programs that provide biblical study forums, emotional support systems, community service opportunities and exercise of the biblical “one anothers” within the Christian community. In addition, seasonal social activities offer a variety of opportunities for interaction and building relationships.

If you would like further information on upcoming activities for women or for men, please visit our church calendar or contact the church office.